How to Get Facebook Leads using Profile Funneling | Digital Mitthyl | Facebook Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for a Facebook marketing strategy, it’s important you have a Facebook sales funnel in place. In this video, I’m going to how to make your funnel most effective using Facebook and  I’ll provide you with the basic principles I use to successfully link platforms like Facebook to my own sales funnels, creating a Facebook funnel for lead generation.  

The main components of any funnel are hook, story, and offer, but for Digital Mitthyl, social media sites and ad platforms present a unique opportunity to create a sales ‘pond’ for yourself where you can consistently test new sales hooks to find your ideal customer.  By trying different hooks each day, across various platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you are able to quickly find which hook works best for your business. Mastering your sales hook will lead to more and more leads for your business, subsequently making your business more and more successful.

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